Decent Day

June 12, 2009

I had a pretty decent day today. It was sunny and pleasant most of the day. Morning was beautiful and a perfect time to give the Hi-Point 9mm carbine a spin with the new Hungarian 124 grain FMJ.

I get to the range, light a smoke and walk out to the target area with a box of clays. I spread them out across the 25, 50 and 75 yard burms. I walk back to the shooter’s box and sit down. I load the mags – noticing that the new ammo is very smooth and clean – ten per mag.

Then I started at the 25 yard burm and cleaned it up pretty easily as I thought it would go. I just took the gun apart the other day and gave it a squeeky clean. It was nice to see that the basic sighting was pretty much lined up.

Then it was picking at the 50 yard burm. First 2 were high and to the left. I made some small adjustments to the rear sight and tried again. First one was low but then I figured out the sweet spot and the burm was cleared easily.

Finally, the 75 yard burm’s turn. First one was low again, so I adjusted until the sweet spot was back in play and it was smooth sailing from then on. I really like the HP995. I would like to check out the .40 though next. A bit more ‘ouch’ involved.

But I have a list. I want one of those Mosin Nagant M44s. And the new Remington 597 VTR. It is the tactical version of the 597. Very ‘AR’ looking. Get those banana mags that hold 30 rounds and you’re stylin’.

The HOLLOWHOAXtm museum shooter, Herr Von Brunn, used a .22 rifle and managed to actually make ONE SHOT count so much, we are one less affirmative action hire brillohead. With high-velocity rounds, .22s can be pretty effective.

I also want a Saiga in .223 or .308. Might be able to find one at a decent price down the road.

This weekend is a city-wide garage sale weekend so I’m going to have stuff out in the morning. It’ll be an outside day most of the day I suppose. If the weather was like today’s, that will be great. Saturday is a gig with Premonition at this huge bar in Fondu-Lac called Shooter’s. It’ll be the first gig with our new second guitarist, Jeff – as well as being the ending location for a huge biker rally for some charity. It is going to be interesting.

Made a ton of rice krispie squares – strawberry, chocolate induced, coconut, vinella, chocolate chip, blue marble, and regular plain. Kim is taking a bunch into her work, and I will sell some at the table tomorrow.

What the hell do you add to powdered water? I mean generally, it’s “just add water” and poof!, you have something. But what the hell do you add to powdered water? This might be partly a chemical composition problem?

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