Been busy

June 17, 2009

Let’s see…
Wife has mini-stroke on way to work. Hospitals, tests, lots of time sitting around.

Daughter goes against everything we ever taught her and drinks herself into blackout, ends up getting raped by some (dead) sob. Cops involved, lots of time spent at PD station bored and “uh-huhing” the Sgt. who is working on the case. As cops go, he is a great guy. I feel so bad that he has to waste his time on my ungrateful bitch of a daughter.

Because of expenses while wife was out of work I’m now $667 behind on the rent.

Ya know what? I just don’t care. The house could be burning around me right now and I wouldn’t give a shit. I have become so desensitized to the world around me as far as stress goes. That could be good or bad. Good because my blood pressure stays low – bad because one of these days it may seem perfectly logical to grab the 870 and try to silence this fucked up ball of morons.

Who knows?

One Response to “Been busy”

  1. WifeKim said

    I did not have a stroke.

    It was a migraine. Remember? The doctor guy said everything was negative stroke wise, and the heart monitor that I had on for 2 days was normal too.

    I’ve never had a headache like that before, honestly.

    Sorry I shat on your day. I hate being sick.

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