Michael Jackson’s Dead!

June 25, 2009

Rot in hell you fuckin’ kiddie-diddling nigger!


2 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Dead!”

  1. If I ever hear of anyone disrespecting this megastar who happens to be black, you will be cursed by God himself. Who are you to judge this man whatever’s true is true. Unfortunately, he is black and so am I and that word nigger is old and really describes how ignorant you are!

  2. The only reason that child-diddling freakshow was crowned a ‘megastar’ is because the jews were looking for another negro to push on the lemming masses. One that wasn’t threatening like your hip-hop gangster darkies these days.

    The kike owner of the Apollo was instrumental in releasing this turdlette on the world. Then when it was obvious that they had a good product in him alone, they pushed him like mad, making him the thing of pop all over the infant MTV (should have just called it NTV at that point, as all it is these days is a diversity training camp for dull young minds).

    If a White Man did any of the things megafreak got away with, his ass would be rotting in jail after a severe jew-media beatdown.

    Happens to be black? But yet spent every waking moment for the past 30 years trying to turn himself into a white woman? And as far as your G-d statement, I would think he would side with me over a homosexual pederast. He kinda rolls that way, dig?

    As to the word nigger, I’ll stop using it when y’all stop acting like one and hell!, calling each other that.

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