I am a Right-Wing Extremist!!

June 26, 2009

Not news to anyone that knows me, but now it is official according to the Department of Homeland (In)Security and their “security assessment brief for 2009”. Now let me get into specifics so that I can explain exactly why I’m a RWE.

They say that anyone who supports the Second Amendment, the right to bare arms, is a RWE. Yes, I support the second amendment, completely and regard any kind of infringement of that right an attack on my freedom as an American and Human Entity.

They say that anyone who thinks that killing unborn babies is wrong is an a RWE. Well, I think it IS wrong for White Women to have abortions, except when their lives are in danger or they have been raped by niggers, spics or other non-whites. It’s fine by me if these non-white women want to scrape their wombs. So I’m a 50-50 RWE on this one.

They say that anyone who doesn’t support the IRS tax ripoff are RWE. I would be happy to pay taxes if the money didn’t go to importing and supporting non-whites in this country, supporting illegal invaders thru welfare and other handouts, supported Izrael (to the tune of AT LEAST 30 BILLION a year), and paid various pols and orgs to curtail my rights as an American and persecute me as a vocal White Activist.

I’m not a veteran. But I do support any vet that realizes he/she has been used by the phonies in charge to further the agendas of Izrael, zionists, jews, and their goy enablers.

I’m a White Nationist and actively work to secure the rights of Whites, like the niggers do (NAApeCP), the spics (LaRaza – means “The Race”), The ADL and AIPAC, two jew orgs – the ADL controls the law enforcement community, and ALL politics in this country runs thru the AIPAC filter for kosherness. So why can’t us White folks have our own org without us being called terrorists and extrememists? It’s a long explanation but to put it simply: all those others hate our White guts and the jews, since time started, have wanted nothing but to rule the world and we White folks stand in their way.

Am I a Right-Wing Extremist because I believe that? According to them I am. I don’t see a right or left though. Those are just lables they give people like me to dupe the stupid. They also use words like “Hater”, “Supremisist”, and “Nazi”. I’m not a hater, I love my White people more than I care about non-whites. I don’t think we are supreme. I can point out many examples of white trash not worthy of being included in my White family. If we were so supreme, the infections of media and non-white enviroment wouldn’t infect these types. And Nazi, well although I understand and approve of the historical battles that Herr Hilter and Germany fought to free his people, and the examples gleaned for use in the next round against the jew, I am far from an ideal Nazi. I am a 20th Century American. My history has many other examples of fighting tyrany to choose from than just that brief period.

The bottom line is this: DHS, Big Sis Nappy, the ADL, The SPLC and all the little and big pee-ons in between can lable me all they want. That is what they do to pass the time. But don’t tread on me motherfuckers. The revolution has to start somewhere, so it might as well be with me.

Liberty or Death!

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. – John F. Kennedy

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