Crimes of the Race Traitor

June 27, 2009

1. Treason
1a. Treason to the race.
1b. Treason to your family (esp. parents who have invested in your upbringing).
1c. Treason to your ancestors (each generation struggled to produce you).
2. Allying with the genetic enemy against your own people.
3. Birthing the enemy.
4. Allying with the political \ social enemy.
5. Aiding the enemy.
5a. Giving support through intimacy, physical pleasure and emotional support.
5b. Giving support through improved genetics.
5c. Giving support through increased population.
5d. Giving support through resources such as individual work and family wealth.
5e. Giving support politically and socially.
6. Slander of the race.
6a. Passive slander displaying your worthlessness makes the race seem less worthy of its proper place.
6b. Active slander, such as stating other races are better in aspects which are questionable.
7. Serving as a corrupting influence.
7a. Corrupting by example (flaunting relationship.)
7b. Corruption by manipulation (showing off half breed children).
7c. Corrupting by words (defending of glorifying other races).
7d. Corrupting by actions (introducing or exposing impressionable others to your lifestyle).
7e. Corrupting by association (once a person breeds with non whites, they like to bring other non whites into white living areas).
8. Weakening your race.
8a. Weakening by demoralization.
8b. Weakening by sowing discord (passive behavior as opposed to 8, such as people fighting over issues you are creating, like when a father doesn’t want his BCL daughter around anymore and the mother does).
8c. Weakening by mixing with inferior genes, introducing foreign genes.
8d. Weakening by removing your genes from the gene pool and not producing white children.
9. Hatred of one’s own race.
10. Denying the intrinsic value of one’s race.
11. Destroying a priceless commodity (racial lineage/heritage/purity).
12. Holding another race as superior over your own.

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