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June 28, 2009

I have been awake for over 36 hours now. I got up at 8am yesterday to drive Kim to pick up her car and haven’t looked back since. The car is a finicky bitch because it needs a new starter and Kim had to leave it at Goodwill overnight because it wouldn’t start. As soon as I can get some extra zogbucks, I will fix that puppy.

In that time I have started to rebuild my music web site, played a hell of a lot of Mercenaries 2, played a gig at Victory Lane in Watertown with my band Premonition which was great but it was the last gig until August because we are taking a break, learning new tunes and overhauling our show gear.

The hour and a half drive back was nice. When we got home I just never went to sleep. Right now I feel that euphoria you get from sleep deprivation and I’m losing my voice but thats fine. The way my life is, I have nothing important to even get up for tomorrow.

On the outside world, especially in Amorika, all the tards are engrossed in the M. Jackson bullshit. ALl the news channels on the jewtube keep rehashing his gay videos and interviewing everyone they can dig up to offer an opinion. The droids have a new AnnaElvisDi to worship and kvetch over.

MEANWHILE, there is real shit going on.

On the death front, a REAL MAN has shunted off this mortal coil, and too damn soon as well. Billy Mays of OxyClean fame was found deceased at his home this morning. A shame that. He was an excellent pitchman and entertainer with quite an interesting history. He was 50 years old. A hell of a White Man too. Read about it here.

This story is fuckin pathetic. Pathetic that is as it pertains to the state of our Idiocracy in Amorika. Long story short – TSA goes full Kafka, detains man for comic book script about who gets wrongfully harassed by the government for writing fiction about terror attacks that come true… wowweeee! DHS/TSA/ASS/HOLES, otherwise known as Amorikan K(GB)eystone Cops, are a pack of the most absurd self-important sacks of protoplasm to ever drop out of a mother’s stink box. M-O-R-O-N-S

Speaking of wastes of air, the nigger A.G. Holder had this to say during his staements regarding a new freedom-robbing bill being swindled into law by Amorican traitors and the jew ADL who most likely wrote the thing word for word:

Under questioning, Attorney Gen. Holder was surprisingly forthright in admitting that the hate bill is not intended to protect everyone, or even the majority. He said only historically oppressed minorities were to benefit. This means Jews, blacks, homosexuals, women, etc.
Holder made it clear that if a white Christian male, including a serviceman or police officer, was the victim of a violent hate crime by any minority he would have to find redress from traditional law. He could not avail himself of the triple penalties and rapid government/justice system response given a protected minority.

Justice for all in Amorica? Not for you White Man. Your obsolete. Pissed yet? I’m past pissed. I have made up my mind though that if I ever confront or am confronted by a non-white where I will have to defend my life, I will do so quickly, quietly, and with the least witnesses as possible so that disposal of “the problem” will leave no trace of my involvement. The reason I will do my best to “clean up after myself” is this:

“The Department strongly prefers S. 909’s Rule of Construction to the evidentiary provisions in H.R. 1913. S. 909 would allow for the admission of evidence consistent with the First Amendment and the Federal Rules. By contrast, H.R. 1913 contains a rule of construction and an additional prohibition on the introduction of evidence in hate crimes cases unless the evidence “specifically” relates to the charged offense. We are concerned that H.R. 1913 could be interpreted as imposing evidentiary restrictions far beyond those contained in the Federal Rules or required by the First Amendment. Indeed, this provision could inadvertently prohibit introduction of the very evidence of discriminatory intent that renders a violent act a hate crime in the first instance. Suppose, for example, an African-American woman were violently murdered in a park by the local leader of the Ku Klux Klan but nothing at the scene indicated a bias-related motivation. The evidence that could establish the racial motivation for the murder (the defendant’s Klan robes kept at home, his racist tattoos, and his racist, hate-filled speeches and correspondence advocating harm to minorities) might be excluded at trial unless it “specifically” pertained to the individual woman whom he murdered or to that particular murder.

No special rule of evidence is necessary or appropriate for hate crimes cases — indeed, the Department opposes the notion of requiring different rules of evidence for different offenses as a general matter. Moreover, imposing an additional limitation on the admissibility of evidence in hate crimes cases could very well undermine the very goal of such prosecutions: to punish and deter discriminatory violence. For this reason, although we do not believe it is necessary, the Department strongly prefers S. 909’s Rule of Construction to the analogous provisions contained in the companion House bill.”

How do you like them apples? Even if you don’t say a fuckin thing like, “I’m going to kick your ass you bluegummed shaved ape!”, you will still be brought up on hate-crime charges because you are a White/Christian/Male/Hater/Bigot/Nazi. And people wonder why I like guns and hate the gubment. You can read the rest here, if you can keep your head from assploding as you read it that is.

We also have jews and latrinos butt-buddying up to take a bite out of anti-spic hate. If you need proof that jews stick their beaks into helping all the non-white races to genocide Whites, here it is. WARNING: The link takes you to the racist jew web site.

Dig this, one hell of a great idea for a halloween gag, or any time for that matter:

Friggin cool idea

Friggin cool idea

So that’s about it. I think I’ll be hittin the hay after Adult Swim tunes tonight like usual. Gotta stay on a schedule don’t you know.

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