Ketchup. Or what has been happening lately.

July 5, 2009

A few things have happened since my last post. One of which is the repair of my umbilical hernia. Yes, my third eye is no longer. The operation went very smoothly and for the last few days I have done nothing but kick back in bed, watched some boobtube, played Mercs 2, and read Mein Kampf some more. The pain was bad for the first day or so, but now it’s pretty much non-existant. So, once it is completely healed, I will begin my exercise plan to turn my gutkeg into a sixpack.

My left shoulder is starting to devolve into a popping, grinding mess again. I’ve exhausted the temporary fix of steroid injection therape. The only fix now is surgery. This carries with it a recouperation period of six weeks, at least. A month and a half. That will really mess up working with the band. I’ll have to see how this is going to work out. Time will tell.

All kinds of freaky funky fucked up shit going on in the world lately. The Saudis have stated they will turn a blind eye to izrael overflying their country to attack Iran. Seems there is no honorable men in control of the Saudi goverment. They give approval to the jew criminals to bomb their Arab brothers. That is sad. May Allah teach those Saudi traitors and jew ass kissers a lesson they will never forget.

Here in the United States of A-moral-kwa the commie jews and their goy pissboys and girls are pushing the civil limits of patriotic White Men and Women. They are attacking the first and second amendments with non-stop aggression. One way is the use of the “terrorist watch list”, denying anyone on that list access to firearms.

According to the second amendment, “the right to keep and bare firearms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” seems to be a statement that these jews and their lackies don’t understand. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. It is absolute and no bullshit arguments against it are valid. It makes me sick to see every day some attempt to shut down our right to keep and bare arms.

Uncle jewy is scared. They don’t want us White men and women to be able to defend ourselves against their hords of mud people and soldier thugs. They want to be able to just walk right over us at any time.

Their niggers, spics, and gooks can run around all they want armed to the teeth with illegally procured weapons. But a White man or woman has to jump thru all manner of hoops just to legally obtain a weapon for hunting or self-defense. Tell me there is no program to genocide the White Race.

I’ve been seeing more and more of the local news reports regarding crime around the state awash in vagueness. Drive-by shootings, home invasions, rapes, ect. are all becoming very transparent in regard to race. You know when there is no description of the perp, it is 99% likely that the perp is a nigger or spic. When it is a White, there is a picture and full description.

I was watching the Crime Stoppers update on local cable access and with the exception of one perp, all the rest were niggers and spics, with an indian (woo-woo, not flying carpet kind). To the liberal morons, the cause of this is “economic disparity” driving these muds to crime. But anyone with half a brain knows that this is just what these muds do. Where a White child grows up to become a scientist or farmer or whatever, regardless of their economic stature, the nigger/spic/mysterymeat has a genetic propensity for crime.

I just find it amazing that most White folks are so mind-fucked that they will allow these beasts to live among them, take advatage of them, kill them, rape them and so forth without a peep of protest, let alone a ride on a rope and tree swing. It is a mental illness, and a dealy one at that. For years I have had no fear of calling a spade a spade verbally putting the blame right on the heads of those that make this possible. And the day I realized that it was natural to think that way and react upon those feelings was the most glorious feeling of freedom one could ever experience.

It is unnatural to not defend yourself and family from these creatures. It is suicide to allow these jews and their minions to make laws denying Whites the freedom to protect themselves. And the time is rapidly approaching when talk will be worthless, bullets and brawn will decide the fate of the races.

White Men and Women: Feed your mind, strengthen your body, build up your supplies. The time is coming shortly when we will have to fight to take back ours. It won’t be easy, it will be very bloody. But it is either that or put your head between you legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

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