Another Crazy Negro

July 7, 2009

Ok, as we know these days, the reverend status bestowed upon a negro tends to cause some sort of mental imbalancewithin the thick skulls of the beasts. If their IQ is of the higher bracket for the negro, like around 70, the entertainment value can be quite impressive.

Case in point – Kearny Thomas. This sambo winds up the talk, usually shuckin’ and jivin’ until he lets loose with a scream when confronted with the delivery of the word ‘God!’ But then comes the speaking in tounges which sounds like some twisted form of scat. Speaking of scat, I found a video of Kearny going apeshit with the added holy craptacularness of farts.

And don’t forget your ‘Prankerchief’! This brothuh is pushing a crappily-cut piece of red cloth that you are supposed to pray over – as in ‘prayer hankerchief’. But this homeslice pronounces it as ‘prankerchief’. So either he is just so wrapped up in the moment, jibbering a mile a second or he is having a Freudian moment and calling this sad piece of Walmart cheap chink cloth what it really is – a prank… erchief.

Here is the nigra in full effect…

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