Country music as a weapon…

July 8, 2009

No, it’s not some patriotard singing about how he is going to stick his ($500-polished-never-seen-dirt) “shit-kickin” boot up some “towelhead’s” ass (to benefit izrael of course). No, this is a bonafide country song used as a weapon, along with humour, to rightously malign the crappy service delivered by United Airlines. Specifically, their monkey baggage handlers smashed up dude’s Taylor guitar.

Taylors are top of the line instruments that are highly prized by their owners, and for good reason: they are excellent sounding and playing guitars. They are expensive as well, but definitely worth every penny.

As the tune will explain, dude jumped thru all these hoops trying to get United to take responsibility. When he got nowhere on the phone, even being shuttled to some dothead in India, he and his band decided to make this tune and vid and post it on YouTube. The power of YouTube, and the tune itself have crushed this corporate giant.

Dig it…

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