Things to do…

July 14, 2009

Things to do now that I have my belly button back (I’m not a clone):

1) Get back on my diet. I need to lose a bit and get back to the repetition. It also makes me more energetic.

2) Finish the Jered Syn video so I can get the DVD and original VHS tape back to Mike in time for his birthday. Also going to try to get him some rounds of .223

3) Get an oil change and tune-up for the truck – new starter for the car.

4) Get the production for the updated Solutrean Anthem underway. Need midi controller back from Watertown.

5) Repair Kim’s two drawrs for her antique dresser.

More as I think of it.

One Response to “Things to do…”

  1. WifeKim said

    Thank you for the dresserdraws!

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