YAY! Itz my Birthday!

July 21, 2009

I turned 44 today. It has been a great day.

I got up and went to my post-op doctor appointment and everything is cool. Then I came back home and picked up Kim to take her to Baraboo for her MRI. While she was in doing that I ran to the cable company and gave them money then stopped at the airport to watch an Army Blackhawk shoot touch and goes for a bit.

Then I went to Gander Mountain to see what stuff they had. Sad, they had few interesting guns and NO PISTOL AMMO. Then I hit the music store. Andy, the owner, bought a pair of speakers I’ve had there on consignment for a while. Cool beans, now I have a few bucks. While I was there I tried a Yamaha guitar synth that rocks! I may pick it up when I have spare beans. He also had a Marshall stereo 2×12 cab that I really like too. Hmmmmmm…….

Then I went back to pick up Kim. When I got to the hospital there was a Lifeflight there. I got to watch it take off. That’s two helicopters today up close.

After I got Kim home (She was blitzed. The doc perscribed some heavy valium for her as she hates MRI’s. She is clausterphobic.) I went food shopping for dinner. I got two fantastic T-Bones, two lobster tails, and a bag of spinach. Got back home and fired up the grill, a pot of boiling water, and prepared the spinach with some fresh garlic and lemon/pepper. Kim and I ate like king and queen. It was awesome.

Now I sit here with some 16 year old Irish single malt scotch whiskey watching the moon landing and doing whatever floats my boat.

I want to thank John de Nugent, Mark (Marwinsing), Varg, McKinley, Bryan, and others who have wished me a happy birthday thru the intertubes.

Here’s to next year!

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