Lesson for Today (And Tomorrow)

July 26, 2009

Mudshark (a white woman who has surrendered thousands of years of genetic perfection to a relationship with a dark animal): Please let me in to your community. My children need food.

Gatekeeper: Sorry. This is a whites only village.

Mudshark: How dare you! My children are the same as all other children of the world.

Gatekeeper: Rules are rules.


Gatekeeper: Yes, that’s correct. This is the last place you you’d want to enter. Never mind the men, the women would rip you to pieces for destroying their childrens future.

Mudshark: ????????

(Oh no, my secret weapon of shaming someone with politically correct slurs isn’t working. WTF do I do now?)

Gatekeeper: I suggest you try the black area, which is about 2 miles north east of here.

Mudshark: But I’ve just come from there, the rape and murder and mayhem is out of control.

Gatekeeper: Really? Well what a surprise.


Courtesy of Mr. Murray at vnnforum.com

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