The Destruction of America at the hands of Jews

July 26, 2009

by Lt. General (Retd.) Abdul Qayyum, Pakistan Army

The total population of Jews all over the world is 14 million. Half of their population lives in America, while 2 million live in Europe. The total population of the Jews living in Asia, including Israel, is only 5 million. This is nearly 15 million Jews, whom, with American support, have worsened the lives of over 1.5 billion Muslims living all over the world.

Since Jews dominate over the American politics, journalism, and economy, so despite the fact that their population is 100 times smaller than the world’s Muslim population, Muslims seem to have a population 100 times smaller than the Jewish population. There are many reasons for the fateful condition of the Muslim world. One of the most important reasons is the low standard of Muslim countries and the utter lack of united Muslim leadership.

Secondly, Jews are ahead in all the fields of information knowledge and education, particularly in the field of science. For example, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Milton, Freidman and many other intellectuals were Jews. Apart from this, Jews invented many important useful medicines and devices like Polio vaccines and the artificial kidney cleansing apparatus, et cetera. Within the last hundred years, out of 1.5 billion Muslim only three managed to win the Nobel Prize. At the same time, out of 15 million Jews, 180 of them won the Nobel Prize for their outstanding works in the fields of science, education and humanitarian services.

It would be rather astonishing to know that the devices and objects like the micro-processing chip, nuclear chain reactor, optical fiber cable, traffic lights, stainless steel and even videotape were invented by the Jews. As far as the world political horizon of is concerned, here also one can easily find the Jewish domination. Many outstanding top politicians of the world, like former American Secretaries of State such as Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright; former defense minister, Caspar Weinberger; the external minister of Soviet Union, Maxim Litvinov; the president of Portugal Jorge Sampaio; and the British external minister, Michael Howard. Chancellor of Austria, Bruno Kreisky and American Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin were also Jewish.

The everyday absurdity of news about the “Islamic or Muslim Terrorism,” “Islamic Bomb,” news of attacking on Iranian leadership and the propaganda about Pakistan being a “Failed State” happens because the Western media is under the control of Zionist lobby. Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Barbara Walters of ABC News, Eugene Meyer of The Washington Post, Henry Anatoly Grunewald of Time Magazine and Joseph Berger and Max Frankel of The New York Times are also Jews. The sole reason for the backwardness of Muslim nations is their failure to acquire higher education and knowledge. The most intelligent students of mathematics and science are Jews.

The number of considerable universities in the Muslim world is only around 500, while in America, the numbers of universities is 5,758 and in India the number goes beyond 8,000. The world literacy rate is 90 percent, while the rate in the Muslim world is only around 40 percent. Apart from this there is not a single political leader from the Muslim world who can be described as a high profile politician. If Muslims get united then 57 Muslim countries, including Middle East and Eastern Asian countries, which are known as the gold mines because of their rich the resources of oil and natural gas, will be united.

However, despite this Israel, which is so tiny that it can’t be easily traced on a world map, surpasses the Arab states that are more than 100 times larger than it. However, the time is not far away when the superciliousness and the state terrorism of Israel will be grounds for its downfall.

In 1982, 3,500 Palestinian migrants including children, women and the elderly were put to death in the Shateela and Sabra Migration camps. Now, Israel has once again started terrorism with its ground and air attacks on Palestinians and has killed more than 1000 Muslims. Now, the brutality of Israel has reached such an extent that in America there is heavy defiance against the Israeli brutality. Now the brilliant Americans have realized that the real cause for their disparagement all over the world is their leaders’ pro-Israel policies. However, the Bush government has not made it blatant in its policies that it is shamelessly defending the Israeli hostilities demonstrating its lack of conscience. The Bush administration is providing the economical and military assistance. And because America has veto power in the UN Security Council it doesn’t allow any resolution condemning Israel to pass.

Sir* Mohammed Iqbal, a greatest Muslim intellectual and Urdu and Farsi poet, in one of his Urdu poem has rightly said that:

“The throat of Whiteman (American and British) is into the claw of Jews” (the Jews control all the decisions of white people).

Benjamin Franklin is one of the greatest personalities of American History. Americans considers him a founding father of the nation just like George Washington. Franklin was born in January 17, 1706. In his youth, he had started a printing business. He was committed to it till 1750. Later he started to have scientific experiments and inventions, and he gained a top place in this field.

After 1770, Franklin became involved in the freedom movement of America and received the honor of drafting the Declaration of Independence. Later, he became the member of the Constitutional Convention and signed the American constitution. For this, he is considered among the founders of America. In its Dec. 30, 1998 issue, “The Independence” called him as the Man of Millennium.

One of his famous quotes is, “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.” As far as the achievements of Franklin are concerned, the American regards him as the “Millennium Man” till today. He left many great literary pieces that people still read after 200 years with great pleasure and admiration. Here some of the excerpts of a speech delivered during his address to the “Constitutional Convention”, on the topic of Jewish immigration.

He said, “America is facing a great threat from Jews for their existence in American land, since the every land where Jews resides has not only demonstrated their moral degradation, but they have found in the economical scams too. They have created their own state in the state and when they are confronted on their deeds they economically strangled their opposing country, as they had done it in Portugal and Spain. If we didn’t constitutionally extricate them within the period of 100 years then they would dominate over the country and will even rule on us and eventually will destroy us. I warn you, if our constitution did not get absolute freedom from them then your children and their children and the children of their children will curse us in graves. The attitude of Jews doesn’t resemble the American way of thinking. So they are very dangerous and are a threat to our country. If they were allowed in the America institutions, they will destroy these institutions. They should not be given any constitutional security at any cost”.

The following statements by Jewish leaders show the importance of the aforementioned statement by Franklin.

According to a broadcasting made on Nov. 3, 2003 by Israeli radio, Ariel Sharon, then the Prime Minster of Israel, made the following statement to one of the his cabinet minister Shamon Perez:

“I would like make you clear on the point that you don’t have to care about the pressure of America on Israel, as we Jews control America and America should have to be aware of it.”

In the Nov. 15 issue of Agence Presse France, the newspaper recorded the following statement of Israeli General and ex-prime minister Ariel Sharon:

“Israel has the right to have the trials of others. However, no other has the right to trial against any Jews or their state, Israel. If I was merely an Israeli, then in the case of finding any Palestinian I had first ablaze him and before putting him to death I would had tortured them.”

Americans should think about the true advice their leader Benjamin Franklin gave to them. At present, the Jews have absolute control over America and its policies to such an extent that even the newly elected American President, Barack Obama, wouldn’t dare to go against their will.

It is a universal fact that there is no doubt that the sole reason for the defamation of America all over the world is the Jewish state, Israel. The earlier Americans get rid of the Jews, the more would it be in their favor. All the brutalities of Israel cross the line. If the Americans did not gain anything from Franklin’s warning, and America keeps getting the hatred and anonymity of the whole world particularly Muslim countries, then the day will not be too far away when the brutality of the Jewish state, with American support, will lead to America’s collapse.

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