Just one of those days I guess…

August 5, 2009

I’m getting sick of some things I’m seeing lately. First off is this constant nigger-love that is permiating society like the smell of a backed-up septic system. For example, that Gates nigger who was properly arrested by a White cop doing his job. It’s a natural reaction to bust a nigger that shoulders a door and then refuses to cooperate when confronted.

The nigger, and of course the jew media, are crying racism and racial profiling. Gee, REALLY? You mean it isn’t an overly-common occurance where niggers break into homes on an ever-growing basis to the point that most White folks (like the 911 caller and the cop) have to resort to basic survival decisions based on past confrontations with the violent darkies? Shit, I’d lay out a nigger if I saw him trying to break into my or my neighbor’s home. NIGGERS are criminals. That’s the bottom line. Don’t believe me? Go check out the crime stats compiled by the U.S. Department of Justice and the F.B.I.

And along these same lines, I’ve been getting ultra pissed every time the commercials for Broadview (used to be Brinks) security systems. You want to talk about racial profiling? Why is it that every home invader, burgler, rapist, etc. in these commercials is White?! WTF?! Not a nigger to be seen in any of their commercials… oh wait. The niggers you may see in their commercials are the heroic operators at the other end of the security system coming to the rescue of the poor violated White female whos home and security has been breeched by the evil White male criminal.

I’ve thought about writing this company and asking them what the fuck their problem is but I have better things to do with my time knowing damn well they do this crap on purpose. It’s all part of the malignment of the White Male.

Then we have these two gooks that needed saving by the first nigger Prezident, Bill Clinton, from the horrors of North Korean justice. These two gookessess are “media journalists” and they got popped spying on NK. Well today they are splattered all over the jewtube whining about how they were so oppressed and how they are so glad to be back in the USSA. The media has followed every fart and bathroom break of these two slopes like they are some kind of heros or something. It makes me sick. They are two worthless slants. If I was a soldier coming home from two tours in Iraq or Afganistan and not even being met by one person wanting to by me a brew or shake my hand for my sacrifice while these cunts get the red carpet, I would begin a shooting spree like has never been seen in the history of man.

I could go on for hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries about shit like this. The bottom line is that this country, if not the world, is slipping into hell. Nothing is as it should be. Evil is in charge and short of nuking the world to rid it of these bastards, I don’t know what it will take and when it will start to clean these fuckers from the rest of us that remember what reality was supposed to be like.

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